We make things.


Among other designs and art, we are the creator of the Danger Finger, published as Knick’s Finger on Thingiverse. Frustrated by limited and expensive prosthetic options, we invented a configurable DIY 3D printable prosthetic.

We do not make or sell the devices ourselves, but provide the design free of charge and open-source, encouraging you to make your own, or have one made for you by a shop or service.

2018 update

Happy new year!  Working to catch up on correspondence, now that the new day job has settled in.  I'll also ...
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[The Discarded]

The Discarded

The Discarded, a collection by Kelly Wheeler - showing soon at the Misfit Gallery in La Jolla, CA! ...
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Life has been busy!  Knick left his job this spring, and we took a much needed family vacation road-trip in ...
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The Vishuddha Art Show

Kelly recently featured a piece in the anniversary show of our favorite Tattoo shop and gallery, The Vishuddha, South Park, ...
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Fidget Spinners

Of course Kaya wanted me to print a fidget spinner, and she even helped out designing it! Then every kid ...
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The DangerVan!

The DangerVan is ready for the road; ...
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The Printer

Amazing what you can get as a reasonable price - 3d Printing is very accessible.  We use a Qidi FlashForge ...
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maxwoodco art show

Kelly's first art show! Kelly with her corner Our friend Aaron's work, the main event~   http://www.aaroncathcart.com/ ...
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Gauge Earring comfort spacer

Kelly designed this to help relieve the pinching and strain of two heavy earrings together. It works extremely well, and ...
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