June 22, 2016

Hi!  You’re probably here because you’ve lost a digit, or are helping someone who has.  If the former – sorry about the situation, and hope this can help.  If the latter, thanks for being awesome!

I lost my left index in a motorcycle accident in July 2014.  Soon after, started on designing this finger which has had many iterations and will continue to improve.  It is free and open-source, anyone can use, create, or modify it – just please attribute back to my design, and please do not charge more than cost.  If you can build your own, or one for someone – please do!  If you need our help, contact us or fill an application.

Please note!   We are not doctors, and are not a medical company.  We do not create medical devices, or give medical advice.  We simply offer DIY prosthetic designs for novelty use, along with varying levels of advice and support in helping folks create them.

Note to the builder or recipient:  Please set reasonable expectations.  This, or any prosthetic, will not be a miracle that allows everything you might have done with that digit previously.  However, I very much hope you’ll get something that is useful, and that you’re much happier wearing than not– and, they’re getting better all the time!

c08ec2e32402f18b299f448c613e2046_preview_featuredThis 3D printable DIY prosthetic finger is ideal for those missing two finger segments, though it can be configured for one knuckle as well.

Many options are configurable, so with the right measurements and tweaking it should be adaptable to most people’s needs – though it takes some trial and error to get a perfect fit.

Designed from scratch by the user, it’s about 1400 lines of carefully written code. There are a lot more settings that are hidden, if you really want to tweak.  Follow the menu links for help building or obtaining the device.