Application for help

June 26, 2016

Our prosthetic designs are, and we plan for them to always be – free and open-source.  You may use, build, share, and modify them.  Please just promise to share back your improvements, and do not make profit from them, beyond cost of time and materials.

If you have the means to get started on the endeavor of making one for your self or someone else, please do – and let us know how we can help!

If you need someone to build one for you, let us know.  We maintain a queue of requests, and build fingers for those who need them on a best effort basis.  We haven’t yet established a set price for building our finger prosthetics for others, as we wouldn’t feel right charging as much as our time would cost.  However we do accept donations. If we’ve helped you, or you’d like to assist us in continuing to help others, consider making a donation.

You may also consider reaching out to, where they help match people in need, to those with the ability to help

If you’re interested in having us build a unit for you, please fill this form.

Please note!   We are not doctors, and are not a medical company.  We do not create medical devices, or give medical advice.  We simply offer DIY prosthetic designs for novelty use, along with varying levels of advice and support in helping folks create them.


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Use this form to submit an application for a finger prosthetic.  We currently build them on a best-effort basis, as time permits (we have day jobs!).  We do not have a set price, but encourage donations to help us keep operations running.

Please read the measurement guide for instructions on how to determine these values.

Personal Information

Please describe the need for a prosthetic device.  As much technical detail on your situation will help, including any relevant comfort or mobility issues.

What are you expecting from a prosthetic?  How are you hoping it will help your life?

Please express any preferences for fit, color, material, or otherwise.

A place for general comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions. If you do work to help others, please also mention that - we particularly like to support those who find ways to help others.

Socket Measurements

Diameter of the top of socket, roughly the diameter/width of the finger remnant nearer the end

Diameter of the bottom of socket, roughly the diameter/width of the finger remnant bottom.

Depth of scalloped part of socket, which provides clearance for finger webbing and movement

Depth of socket at the top, typically the deepest part.

Depth of socket at the bottom, near palm.

Finger Length Measurements

Length of middle section of finger, between second and third mid-knuckle

Length of finger tip, from mid-last-knuckle to end.

Length of the linkage from finger tendon to wrist/bracelet.

Extra length for base section, to get the first knuckle aligned.