We make things.

How to get one

The design is free and open-source, anyone can use, create, or modify it.

We have day jobs and maintain this site to help the community.  In order to continue maintaining and refining our prosthetic design, we are not able to build custom prosthetics at this time – the demand is far too high.  If you build one for others, do not charge more than reasonable time and materials.  If you can build your own, or one for someone – please do!  If you need our help, contact us.

We are pleased to support you, your local 3D Printing shop, Maker Space, or local hobbiest, to make one to suit your needs.  They will typically charge a fair price of time and materials.  We do NOT charge anything for the design or for support.

Search Google Maps for a shop near you.


Once you find a maker who can build a finger for you, send them to this site for designs, instructions, and support and we’ll do our best to help.