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2018 update

Happy new year!  Working to catch up on correspondence, now that the new day job has settled in.  I’ll also be releasing a pretty major new code drop soon.

Version 3 of Knick’s Danger Finger had been written OpenSCad, which gave a lot of power, but was a limited and very specific language without a lot of advanced coding features.

As the design became more sophisticated, the complexity of this device was reaching the limits of the language, making maintenance and further updates increasingly difficult and time-consuming.  I’m now re-writing the Danger Finger in JavaScript, a true programming language, using OpenJsCad – a newer project inspired by OpenSCad.

This rewrite will take quite a few late nights and weekends, but is the best way to address the biggest limitations now; the ability to fit very small sizes (small adults and kids), while also drastically improving the ease of maintenance.  Along the way I plan to add a list of other features I’ve thought of, and will search through any feedback for other improvements.  If you have something to suggest, now is the time~

We here wish everyone a fantastic New Year and here’s hoping for no new lost fingers!