We make things.


Among other designs and art, we are the creator of the Danger Finger, published as Knick’s Finger on Thingiverse. Frustrated by limited and expensive prosthetic options, we invented a configurable DIY 3D printable prosthetic.

We do not make or sell the devices ourselves, but provide the design free of charge and open-source, encouraging you to make your own, or have one made for you by a shop or service.

Base for Beaker or Tube

I had a lot of cylindrical things around the lab that were quite useful, except they couldn't properly support themselves ...
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Go-Pro Universal Clamp

Here's a clamp I whipped up, works great for mounting a go-pro to roll-cages or other vehicle tubes, or to ...
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The Knick Finger

Here's where it all started. Visit the prosthetics section for much more information about building this design. Github source code ...
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Nicholas Brookins

Bio :: Nicholas Brookins

knick is a cloud software architect by day, prosthetic finger architect by night.  Once an aspiring hand model, he’s now ...
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Bio :: Kelly Wheeler

Always finding the beauty in the rust, Kelly makes inspired artwork from discarded junk. She’s never happier than finding a ...
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Donate Art Materials

Kelly is always on the lookout for new art materials (read: rusty junk) ...
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Build a finger

Lots of folks have built our design for a friend, family, or even a stranger. If you're handy and have ...
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Monetary Donations

Our prosthetic designs are, and we plan for them to always be - free and open-source.  You may use, share, ...
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Kaya and Maxwell

Bio :: Kaya and Maxwell

Kaya Lily Danger and her trusty steed Maxwell, are always along for the adventure.  Kaya is also an aspiring artist, ...
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