We make things.


Among other designs and art, we are the creator of the Danger Finger, published as Knick’s Finger on Thingiverse. Frustrated by limited and expensive prosthetic options, we invented a configurable DIY 3D printable prosthetic.

We do not make or sell the devices ourselves, but provide the design free of charge and open-source, encouraging you to make your own, or have one made for you by a shop or service.

Taser Staff

Alas, not much progress on the finger lately, as my day job with Hulu, has left me with very little ...
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DangerFinger v5 Beta with web builder

The new DangerFinger is picking up steam; all the firm parts are complete, and printed - I've been wearing and ...
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DangerFinger 4.1 pre-Alpha, in Python!

Well, I know this thing is taking forever - and my apologies for those waiting on fixes that I've deferred ...
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Alexia’s Kidney

Kelly is doing an amazing thing, and donating her kidney in November to Alexia, a friend. In her 20s, Alexia ...
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DangerFinger 4.0 Nearing Release!

I'm getting close, finger 4.0 has turned out better than I had hoped. Easier to build, easier to maintain, better ...
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New digit for South Carolina elementary student

Ryan Clemence, a 4th grade teacher at Hickory Grove-Sharon Elementary in South Carolina has built a new Danger Finger for ...
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Major progress on finger 4.0

Coding away on version 4.0, with many enhancements coming! New continuous elastic design, for easier build, simpler design, more reliability, ...
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Socket helper for extra anchor support

I just caught up on a lot of correspondence, and found that several people were looking for a socket support ...
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Code migration to javascript and OpenJSCAD

Slow going, but we're making progress!  Fixing a lot of little bugs along the way, and ensuring that parametric scaling ...
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