We make things.


[We like to do things to help people.  Money helps us buy things to do things.  If you have extra, consider letting it into the wild, so more things can be done.]

Our prosthetic designs are, and we plan for them to always be – free and open-source.  You may use, share, and modify them.  Please just do not make profit from them.

If you have the means to get started on the endeavor of making one for your self or someone else, please do – and let us know how we can help!

If you need someone to build one for you, let us know.  We maintain a queue of requests, and build fingers for those who need them on a best effort basis.  We haven’t yet established a set price for building our finger prosthetics for others, as we wouldn’t feel right charging as much as our time would cost.  However we do accept donations. If we’ve helped you, or you’d like to assist us in continuing to help others, consider making a donation.

We are not a 501.3c non-profit, as the overhead of that structure is too great.  We do commit, and give our word, that 100% of donations go directly to materials and expenses in making prosthetics for those who cannot reasonably afford them.